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An Introduction to Istikharah in Islam

It is obvious that every person needs a life partner who trusts them, understands them, and stands by their side in every walk of life. Your partner is the person with whom you can share all your worries, happiness, dreams, and nightmares without any fear of judgment. That’s why most people wish to marry the person they are most compatible with to lead a healthy, prosperous, and trouble-free life together.

Istikharah is performed to consult Allah and seek his guidance in the important decisions of life, like marriage, whether arranged or love. The most common problems that cause trouble in love marriages are family objections, the difference in traditions and social status of the families, lifestyle differences between the partners, or dissimilarity in religion or caste of the families. In this new era of modernism, most individuals wish to marry the person they truly adore and tie the knot in a love marriage. In Islam, marriage is the only Halal way for people in love to stay together for the rest of their life. And Istikharah before marriage is the oldest and the most reliable method in Islamic history to know if it is the right decision for you.

Duas & Wazaif for Love Marriage

It is advised to practice Istikharah for your love marriage to fight against its obstacles. Dua-e-Istikharah for love marriage is the Islamic dua – since the recitations are derived from the Quran (the Holy Book) and the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH). The wazifa for love marriage can either be the Holy Names of Allah Almighty or verses from the Quran. But consistency in practicing the wazaif is necessary to succeed for whichever method is suggested.

How to Conduct Istikharah for Marriage?

It is vital that you accurately perform Istikharah to acquire the intended results. You may also consult with a known Alim to know the precise method to do it. Upon familiarizing yourself with the process, you may proceed further. The steps for Istikharah are listed below:

  • Make ablution and proceed with reciting 2 Rakat of Nafil namaz.
  • During the first Rakat, recite Surah Fatiha followed by Surah Kafiroon.
  • As for the second Rakat, recite Surah Fatiha followed by Surah Al Ikhlas.
  • For the next step, you’ll need to recite the Istikharah

Istasara Helps You Make the Right Decision

You will be connected to a professional scholar, Salome Yusuf, at Istasara, who will perform Istikharah on your behalf after understanding your situation and the goal. She will help you find answers to your questions about your compatibility with the person you love and whether the person you wish to marry is appropriate for you or not. Salome will assist you in living a comfortable and peaceful marital life with your partner by seeking Allah’s counsel on your situation. She also provides coaching methods and approaches based on her extensive knowledge and expertise to help you grow as an individual and a couple.

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