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There are times in our life when we find ourselves trapped in a bizarre situation. We occasionally have to make significant decisions at that period that will have a significant impact on our future. According to the tradition that is accessible to us, we follow Istikharrah, which involves asking Allah for guidance rather than thinking about external factors.

Significance of Istikharrah in Islam

It is driven by the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH). When faced with a choice, he advised his companions to seek out Istikharrah (goodness) from Allah SWT and Istasara (advice) from others.

Making decisions based on Istikharrah can allow you to move on without feeling guilty since you know you have done everything you could to decide according to the Prophet’s advice, despite all the unknowns and possible outcomes.

This blog will discuss why decision-making is challenging and how you can make it simpler by performing Istasara.

Why is Decision Making So Difficult?

  1. Based on our choices, we can’t always predict what will occur in the future.
  2. We are unsure of the cost of every choice we make and if we could have chosen a better one.

You don’t have a perfect understanding of how your decision will affect your life when you must decide on a job offer, business idea, or marriage proposal. Furthermore, once you make a choice, you pass up other chances that could or might not be better for you.

When we have a number of good options available to us, the hesitation we experience due to uncertainty about what is best for us and the cost of our choices may be debilitating.

4 Steps to Make Decision-Making Process Easier

  1. Comprehend the Decision: You must pose challenging questions to yourself that will help you understand and frame the choice at hand.


  1. Seek Counsel: Consult individuals you trust or who are more knowledgeable and experienced than you and who can provide you with honest, reliable advice.


  1. Perform Istikharrah: Ask Allah SWT for His blessings and Barakah in your choice by offering the Istikharrah


  1. Take Action: Act in accordance with your spiritual heart’s inclination, and have faith in Allah (Tawakkal) that He will provide for your needs even if things don’t go as planned.

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